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MTPremium Genesis Package

Improve your website ranking and make a strong fundament for your backlink profile with quality genesis links.

Make your backlink profile more variative

Only manual link building provided

Increase your website SERP ratings

Effective and risk-free backlink profile

Why MTPremium Genesis Package?

Awesome link quality

Paid websites included

Top-notch metrics

Social signals  included

Genesis Package in a Nutshell

Web 2.0 blogs, profiles, images, videos and presentations - 5 tyes of links in one single package

Great mix for your website

Perfect for newly created websites

Enormous resource base, full of high authority websites

Unique, real links without automations

High indexing rate and instantaneous effect

Why do you need this package?


If you have a new domain, you can't start building links agressively. A good website should have a natural growth and backlink profile, and Genesis package is the best safe solution, that will help you pass the sandbox stage and not get penalized by the search engine. Building strong crowd links and guest posts is very risky at this stage, and our package helps avoiding it, by preparing a good start for your domain. If you are willing to create a "white" project, you can start building the other type of links only after getting a good number of mentions, social links and other from the genesis package.


This package will diversify your backlink profile which will definitely make a positive difference for your visibility on search. On top of that, you’ll boost your ranking for low and medium frequency keywords. Most importantly, you can easily purchase this package for your long-term projects, as it’s absolutely safe!


Another feature of our Genesis Package is that it also perfectly suits the "gray" niches. The experienced webmasters know how difficult building backlinks can be, especially for projects like gambling, adult, pharma and so on. Well, this package is just a salvation, because you can get high-quality relevant links even for this kind of sites.

What is inside of Genesis Package?

Mini-blogs on top platforms (DF)

Press Releases from Powerful Donor Websites (DF)

Profiles from popular websites (DF)

Social bookmarks with high DA (DF)

Tier 2 Links

Articles from Web 2.0 resources with high DA (DF)

PDF presentation creation and posting (DF)

Local directories (DF/NF)

Profiles from EDU websites (DF)

WikiMedia with high DA (NF)

Monthly Packages


$ 249 Monthly
  • 15 days
  • full report
  • SUPERIOR Quality
  • Client Support


$ 329 Monthly
  • 15 days
  • full report
  • SUPERIOR Quality
  • Client Support


$ 429 Monthly
  • 15 days
  • full report
  • SUPERIOR Quality
  • Client Support

Sometimes website shut down, move to a new domain or simply delete some pages, that may contain your link. This is normal and nothing to be afraid of. This is why we offer a 1-month warranty in case of link deletion. Just let us know and we’ll replace it for free.


The warranty does not hold for “grey” niches mentioned above.

Premium Customer Service

Client's comfort is our priority - thus, every client of MTPremium is getting the following convenient tools:


If the link is deleted - we replace it free of charge


to resolve any non-standard questions you might have


The Genesis Package is for sites that are not older than 1 year or so.

Yes we do work with white hat and black hat.

It depends by the niche you have.

It is a good start for newly created sites to increase visibility.

There are a lot of factors that influence the results, an average is 6 months.

Yes they, but it is not the goal to get traffic, take it as a bonus from this package.